1995 BA (Hons) University College Salford
2002 Cert Ed, Liverpool Community College


I am currently teaching Art and Design at Liverpool Community College

My work

I make figurative ceramic sculpture and drawings. Clay is earth and the style of the sculptures reflects the nature of the material. I use raku and smoke as these processes leave a visual record of the firing.

The human figure is a theme which has always been at the core of my art work and the current work is exploring traditional archetypes. I am exploring a number of themes: Kings and Queens, Acrobats and Clowns, and ‘Fête Gallant’. These are loaded images from which stories might be spun.

The work is influenced from many different sources; for example, old churches, Shakespeare, Tiepolo, Watteau, Emma Rodgers and Michael Flynn, even the texture of the clay itself. The stylistic challenge is to find the right balance between naturalism and expression.

Drawing is fundamental to my work; I regularly draw from life and have an interest in art and anatomy.